ERP Enterprise gives you control over every aspect of your manufacturing supply chain, from design through to delivery, and beyond to your after-market service business. ERP Enterprise delivers the deepest industry functionality available, including capabilities.

The New release introduces new technologies that transform our user experience for greater productivity and connectivity. You get software that's easier to use on the frontend, with faster, smarter connections on the back end, including:

Infor10 Workspace for a personalized, high productivity user experience.
Infor10 ION Suite to connect ERP Enterprise to all other systems in your infrastructure.
Visibility and control over your global operations.
Financial budgeting, consolidation, and strategic planning.
Enterprise planning to improve manufacturing supply chain performance.
Customer relationship management to maximize your market opportunity.
Assembly Line Control to synchronize manufacturing in a work-station production environment
Flexible architecture processes.

ERP Enterprise is the only full-featured manufacturing solution that completely and simultaneously supports all of the technologies that are indispensable for manufacturing success today , with features that include:.

Freight Management
Enterprise Service Management
Quality Management
Product Lifecycle Management