ANAXTURIA  provides a vast array of consulting services in the areas of business planning, process re-engineering, software Testing and IT application and infrastructure review and design. Our approach has always been a focus on the core business processes, technology assets and learning management programs that are in place within organizations and on helping them transform their business rapidly.

Our consulting team consists of domain specialists, process experts, learning professionals and seasoned technology veterans who help our clients identify and plan on new ways of doing business. We have deep knowledge of the areas where we offer consulting solutions and we always adopt a pragmatic approach to our consulting engagements.

  Our clients can expect the following from Anaxturia on any consulting engagements:
Tangible deliverables within manageable timeframes
Practical solutions that address strategic and tactical aspects of the business
Only deep domain experts with extensive industry credentials working on client engagements
Solutions that have significant operations and implementation considerations factor.